Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bersyukur tah kitani semua.. - Ketsana leaves more than 360 dead across SE Asia - Strong Indonesia quake kills hundreds, traps more

These past few days have seen several natural disasters hitting the southern hemisphere, especially in South East Asia. Typhoon Ketsana in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia, and the 7.8 Ricther scale earthquake in Sumatra Indonesia, both claiming hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of lives, causing widespread damage and panic within the affected areas.

Luckily for Brunei we're just barely out of range to feel anything, and the Malaysian peninsula protected us from direct influences from tsunamis. Typhoons have never put us in their path. Surely we've had cases of haze and rainstorms causing flashfloods, but face it, these are nothing compared to what damage these natural disasters wreak.

Brunei is very lucky (maybe too lucky?)
Let's not take our lifes for-granted.
Count your blessings, learn from the past, be prepared for anything.
Mudah-mudahan dijauhkan dari timpa bala, Amin..

P.S> remember this story? we're not that immune u know.

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