Friday, February 26, 2010

My pre-occupation is over: ASEAN Students Career Fair 2011

I'm back to being a regular medical student again, sigh..

~ASEAN Students Career Fair 2011~ (the sweet weepy orbituary-like version)

members of the Career Fair team (missing Binh); From Bookshelf for my thoughts

ASEAN Students Career Fair has passed away, on the 20th Feb 2011. The event has brought upon us many sweet memories, throughout the 4-months of its preparation and especially on the final days of its being. The impact of its presence has not only left its mark on the Career Fair team, who has raised it since its wee early life that was an Idea, but also on the many visitors who have visited the event on its final day. We hope they may benefit and find a lot of good from the event.

It is indeed sad for us to say goodbye to you our dearest ASEAN Students Career Fair 2011. However, let us not say that this is the end; instead let us all mark this eventful day as the beginning of a new journey :)

Shal, 2010

Today's vocabulary list

Gregarious: from
1. seeking and enjoying the company of others
2. tending to form a group with others of the same kind

Antipyretic 解熱剤 Antitussive 鎮咳薬

[taken from First Aid for USMLE part 2]
A 45-year-old patient presents with altered mental status. His wife states that over the last week her husband has been taking acetaminophen for some abdominal discomfort. He uses no illicit drugs but drinks 4-5 beers daily. Over the last 24 hours, the patient has become progressively lethargic. Vital signs reveal temp. 97°F, BP 100/70, HR 120, RR 26. The patient is jaundiced with RUQ abdominak tenderness on palpation. He has no rebound tenderness or splenomegaly but has an enlarged liver. There is no ascites or peripheral edema. Heart and lung examinations are normal. Patient responds to painful stimuli and has asterixis. He has no neurologi deficit. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
a. Alcohol intoxication
b. Alcohol withdrawal
c. Delirium tremens
d. Acetaminophen toxicity
e. Wilson's disease __________answer: d. acetaminophen toxicity

[Signs of alcohol intoxication]
include euphoria, dysarthris, ataxia, labile mood, lethargy, coma, respiratory depression, and death

[Signs of alcohol withdrawal] hyperexcitable state (e.g., hypertension, tachycardia, flushing, sweating, and mydriasis) and have tremors. disordered perceptions, seizures, and delirium tremens (DTs)

[Delirium tremens]
occur 2-4 days after alcohol abstinence
characterized by hallucinations (which may be dangerous, combative, and/or destructive)

[Acetaminophen toxicity] taken from e-medicine
> maximum recommended daily dose of acetaminophen:
adults: 4 g and children: 90 mg/kg
> amount of toxicity may be lower in the settings of chronic ethanol use, malnourishment,
or diminished nutritional status, fasting, or viral illness with dehydration, or certain medications
> when dosing recommendations are followed, the risk of hepatotoxicity is extremely small
> antidote for acetaminophen poisoning is N -acetylcysteine (NAC)
> one of the most common pharmaceutical agents involved in overdose,
as reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers
> most common cause of hepatic failure requiring liver transplantation in the UK
> replaced viral hepatitis as the most common cause of acute hepatic failure in US
> second most common cause of liver failure requiring transplantation in the US

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update: ASEAN Students Career Fair

If interested let me know, or register directly at :)

Exclusively only for South-east Asian students in Japan;
Companies joining ASEAN Students Career Fair (hosted by AYNJ 20th Feb next year!):
大和証券SMBC Daiwa Securities SMBC|旭化成 Asahi Kasei|古河電気工業 Furukawa Electric|ローソン Lawson|ヤマハYamaha|日立化成工業 Hitachi Chemicals|富士古河E&C Fuji Furukawa Engineering & Construction|ブラザー工業 Brother Industries|丸紅 Marubeni Corp|クラレ Kuraray|..and more companies expected to come!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd Dec:To Do List

Yes!!! Next event is at 4pm, which means I have umm 5hours free time!!
Oh so precious!!! XD

To do list (within 5hrs) :
1) read up 8 (hopefully short) articles on history-taking
2) watch a video on physical examinations
3) read 2 articles on differential diagnoses
4) take a walk
5) skip lunch cuz took a really big breakfast
..and if got time,
6) read up for tomorrow's surgery
7) start preparing for 2 presentation (one for AYNJ Cafe!)
etc etc

But first, hmm.. i need to go the ladies' room, hehehe :p
I've got a benkyoukai from 5-9pm too; it's gonna be a looong day.

Monday, November 30, 2009

東南アジア留学生就職フェア in 2011!

A career fair for South-east Asian students in Japan, don't miss it!
【東南アジア ・ 留学生 ・ 就職】
Good luck people! Hee :D

Monday, November 16, 2009


[A self-note for myself]
Is it possible for me to work back home after graduation??
  • the Japanese medical license is only recognized in UK, France and Singapore. Even so, there's a limit to number of those who can practice (5 - 15 ppl)
  • or I can work 5 years or so here, then apply for vacancy at the MOH, as a foreign doctor, that is..
  • there's no mention of an international medical licensing examination that's recognized back home

Planning to ask around when I go back for holidays in September next year. Working in Japan is not bad at all; in fact I hope to do training here. Just thinking of ways how to contribute to the medical system back home, hmm..

Playing on my youtube now

I just looooove her hair in this video!
So feminine yet needing minimum maintenance (or so it seems) :D