Monday, November 16, 2009


[A self-note for myself]
Is it possible for me to work back home after graduation??
  • the Japanese medical license is only recognized in UK, France and Singapore. Even so, there's a limit to number of those who can practice (5 - 15 ppl)
  • or I can work 5 years or so here, then apply for vacancy at the MOH, as a foreign doctor, that is..
  • there's no mention of an international medical licensing examination that's recognized back home

Planning to ask around when I go back for holidays in September next year. Working in Japan is not bad at all; in fact I hope to do training here. Just thinking of ways how to contribute to the medical system back home, hmm..


  1. but if it is recognized in UK, then won't it be recognized in commonwealth countries???

  2. oops, actually not recognized in UK.. they only allow Japanese medical license holders to work under special permit, to provide services exclusively to Japanese people.