Friday, February 26, 2010

My pre-occupation is over: ASEAN Students Career Fair 2011

I'm back to being a regular medical student again, sigh..

~ASEAN Students Career Fair 2011~ (the sweet weepy orbituary-like version)

members of the Career Fair team (missing Binh); From Bookshelf for my thoughts

ASEAN Students Career Fair has passed away, on the 20th Feb 2011. The event has brought upon us many sweet memories, throughout the 4-months of its preparation and especially on the final days of its being. The impact of its presence has not only left its mark on the Career Fair team, who has raised it since its wee early life that was an Idea, but also on the many visitors who have visited the event on its final day. We hope they may benefit and find a lot of good from the event.

It is indeed sad for us to say goodbye to you our dearest ASEAN Students Career Fair 2011. However, let us not say that this is the end; instead let us all mark this eventful day as the beginning of a new journey :)

Shal, 2010

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