Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd Dec:To Do List

Yes!!! Next event is at 4pm, which means I have umm 5hours free time!!
Oh so precious!!! XD

To do list (within 5hrs) :
1) read up 8 (hopefully short) articles on history-taking
2) watch a video on physical examinations
3) read 2 articles on differential diagnoses
4) take a walk
5) skip lunch cuz took a really big breakfast
..and if got time,
6) read up for tomorrow's surgery
7) start preparing for 2 presentation (one for AYNJ Cafe!)
etc etc

But first, hmm.. i need to go the ladies' room, hehehe :p
I've got a benkyoukai from 5-9pm too; it's gonna be a looong day.

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