Thursday, October 1, 2009

Progress at Anesthesiology department ❤

One more day till the rotation's over; it's been a short one week :) I can't say I've enjoyed everything there though ..

1. having to arrive at uni, change into operating room(OR) scrubs and be seated at the AN conference room by 8am
2. standing for hours during a surgery just watching (doing nothing)
3. seeing disgruntled people (luckily only one lady doctor i saw was)

1. sometimes the tutor of the day actually lets me do "stuff" hehehe
2. i witnessed the delivery of a baby, my first ever!!! :D (caesaeran section)
3. kind tutor goes out of her way to drill me w questions (which was partly uncomfortable ahah) and make me understand what's going on

Sure, it was tiring and sleepy at times, but all in all I had a fulfilling week :) Nothing can replace the sense of joy felt when everything finally makes sense; it's like the world opened up a little more!

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