Saturday, October 17, 2009

Japan: Towards free education and a more practical teacher training

Only one month since the elections in Japan, and already many influential proposals brought up..
Among those particularly of (my) interest:
1. free-of-charge high school education in Japan by April 2010
2. extending practical teacher training from current 2-4 weeks to 1 year

Was surprised to know that up till now to-be teachers only had one month of practical training; that's really short! Making school fees FOC all of a sudden is, well, great news, but one has to wonder how the government's going to pay the schools, or whether they're going to implement that proposal after all. Let's wait and see..

> Schools for foreigners, technical colleges included in DPJ's free high school lesson plan - Mainichi Japan, Oct 14, 2009
> Teacher training to be extended to 6 years under DPJ plans - Mainichi Japan, Oct15, 2009

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