Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ideas ideas, before I forget

I've thought of some simple ideas for further development of AYNJ:
(this is a self-note; i'll email the reps about this anyways)

1. advertising for recruitment of representatives
Honestly, we need more people who have time or/and really interested in organising AYNJ activities. Sometimes the current representatives are too busy with studies it's difficult to get them to meetings where we discuss plans for activities.
So what we can do is appeal to the general student population (not through student organisations) and if they are interested in actively participating in the meetings/organising then they can apply through their respective countries' student organisations.

Thing is, we've never reached out to the student population. Well maybe we have, as participants for the various yearly activities, but not when planning and organising events. We would need more people to do brain-storming together especially when we intend to organise something new (like the AYNJ Academic Forum coming up, soon?).

How to carry out: presentations and posters.
During AYNJ Festival or career fair, we can set aside 5 minutes for a simple presentation (PR) about AYNJ, and appeal to students the other part of AYNJ, as in the management, inter-student-org communication, brain-storming sessions. Then leave a note at the end: to those interested to represent their countries please contact ur student organisation :)
Posters can help; times when time is limited to do presentations, you can just stick a poster or 2 at venues (example AYNJ Sports). You can use the catch phrase "We Need You!" - okay maybe that's lame :p But yes, something is better than nothing.

2. Academic forum
The academic forum is a totally new event for AYNJ and is still in the works. I 'd recommend reps share it among their own organisations now and bring along whatever conclusions they've reached to the next meeting. It'll save time on decision making, and we can get an idea of response (level of interest) among students.

3. Students section on homepage
And let's add a student section to the homepage :) Since we are indeed a network of student organisations let's put up something that might be helpful for students: for example about health insurance, visa renewals, university applications, upcoming seminars by JASSO etc etc. Do I have to elaborate about how this can be good to the students and AYNJ?

You read through all this??
You must either already be in AYNJ or interested in it, come come!!
How do you transform ideas into action? Cooperation; that's why we need you :)

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