Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh, wisemen!

*** Imagine not needing to think/worry/ponder/lose hair over/get depressed about worldly issues, wouldn't that be great? Haha! :D ***

I'm sure everyone have had those days, when they're so troubled with an issue it's all they can think of night and day. I have my own issues too, but that I'll spare for another day. Wish there was someone I can talk to and get advice from. No, not from friends, because even though they're kind and caring enough to give me advice, face it, they're not convincing enough. You'd think, "Hey, but actually, they really don't know haha.." They're lacking that something... "credibility", that's the word!

Then who should we turn to for "credible" advice? Specialists? Scientists? Psychologists? Counsellers? I was reminded of old fables where villagers may turn to the village wiseman for advice; why not someone like him?? Or like Professor Dumbledore in Harry Porter. Or Gandalf the Grey from LOTR. Or the Oracle from Matrix. lol.

You know what I need?? An old man, with a great deep voice and kind eyes yet strict face, to tell me what to do. His words of wisdom would have to be concise, short, or maybe so short that the advice borders on turning into a puzzle. "Oh wiseman, please tell me what to do?" *eyes glistening with desperate tears* "Yes, thank you! Thank you so much oh wise one!!"

*Sigh* Alas, the genuine Wise Man is hard to find. Sure, you can find many wise-looking people sitting down outside Shinjuku station: fortune-teller and palm readers.. They've only met you on the spot yet they can tell you your source of troubles, when you're gonna get married etc etc, wow!! In the actual truth they don't read your fortune or lines on your palm, they read your 'aura' : as in how you look like (expressions, clothes, posture) and see how u answer their questions. Speculations here and there, programmed-responses (there has to be a manual for these), and an utterly convincing presentation that they'll make you believe they know everything about you, basically. Whether there are people who can actually see the future (especially yours of all people) only God knows ;)

What was I talking about again?? Oh yes, the genuine, ultimate 'Wise man'. Someone who knows everything about you and has all the wisdom in the world to give you the one correct, definitely fail-proof answer you need. But hold on.. who would know everything about ourselves? Parents, only what you tell them :) Friends, well a special few, but they've never lived with you your whole life :p And definitely not people you just met on the street right? Nope, no one, except ourselves..

After paragraphs of musing and typing, this is what I come to?? Conclusion: there is no such person as a genuine wise man. We can ask around for ideas, but all-in-all looks like we have to think and make decisions for ourselves. Argh.

*frustrated* End.

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