Sunday, September 27, 2009

麻酔科 Rotation: 28/09-02/10

Rotations restarts tomorrow after the week-long holiday ('Silver week'). I'm actually going back to work; after too long a holiday you might go crazy trying to find something to do. Okay, maybe not you, but I would.

Starting tomorrow: 麻酔科 (Anesthesiology) clinical rotation for one week.
For those not familiar, Anesthesiology is where patients get medication to put them in a painless sleep during a surgery, and where they can also get medication to cope with post-operative, or even surgery-unrelated pain (they have a 'Pain clinic' just for that). We did the theory (and memorizing) back in the 4th year already but... Humans do forget yeah? Eheh.. Revision revision revision :/

If I find time I'll put something abt what I re-learned through rotation.

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